AREA SURROUNDING Casa de Mariquita



Cartagena, a beautiful old port city with 2500 years of history, is situated in a natural bay and is definitely worth a visit. All of its buildings have been protected and restored. An ancient Roman theater in the middle of the city serves as an open-air concert hall.

The warehouses in the harbor hark back to the rich history of Spain. The Castillo de la Concepción is situated on 1 of the 5 hills surrounding Cartagena and provides a great example of how the city has developed over time and throughout different cultures.

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The Museo Arqueológico Municipal de Cartagena is built on the early Christian basilica of San Antón, with fascinating objects from the Bronze Age, while the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia Maritima has a collection of beautiful amphorae from classical antiquity and the Iberian Peninsula. People also love to party in Cartagena. In the week before Easter there are numerous processions, while in September the city becomes witness to the battle between the Carthaginians and the Romans for 15 days. During this time you will see camps, parliaments, parades, battlefields, speeches and many other things, but more than any of this, Cartagena is simply a beautiful, cozy city with lots of shops, a new marina and boardwalk, terraces and tapas bars.